Graphic Design

German industrial designer Dieter Rams famously asked himself the question:

Is my design good design?

To answer this question, he formulated a framework of ten principles—a ten commandments of sorts—of what good design should incorporate.

Rams concluded that good design is: innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, thorough, environmentally friendly and—last but not least—good design is ‘as little design as possible’. After all, design should focus on the essential, rather than being burdened by the superfluous.

Whether we’re designing for digital or print, we look to these ten principles to inform and instruct our design approach—an approach in which thoroughness, clarity and meaningfulness play an important role.


Is your design good design? Let’s talk about making it better.


The visual encapsulation of your company. We create logos that are memorable, timeless and endlessly adaptable.


Whether it's billboards, bus shelters or digital signage, make your advertising budget go further with clever ideas and beautiful execution.

Promotional materials

Let us help design your promotional materials, then bring them to life in both print and online formats.

Leave pieces

Leave a lasting impression on your clients with beautifully designed brand reminders and leave pieces.

Corporate communications

Annual repots, CSR reports and whitepapers needn't be dull. Make it an opportunity to showcase your brand through unique design.

Instructional design

Make your eLearning modules, training materials and quick reference guides more engaging and effective with clever design.

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