Video Production

Video is perhaps the most powerful tool for engaging with an audience.

It is a medium that connects people—one that can terrify, enlighten, educate and amuse. Most importantly of all, when used in conjunction with a truly great idea, video has the ability to change peoples’ behaviour.

In April 1987, while the rest of the developed world was struggling to come to grips with the deadly AIDS epidemic, the Australian government launched a controversial advertising campaign so effective in its execution that it simply could not be ignored. The advertisement depicted a terrifying, skeletal Grim Reaper in tattered, decaying rags as he indiscriminately struck down men, women and children who were lined up as human bowling pins. As the scene unfolded, a sullen voiceover foretold the predicted death toll of the AIDS epidemic.

The result? HIV infection rates peaked the same year as the advertisement and continued to fall steadily for the following decade. It seemed Australia had well and truly gotten the message.

While the media landscape has changed drastically over the past thirty years, websites such as YouTube and Facebook have made video as a medium more relevant than ever before. We understand that the power of a video is in its idea, and we work hard to develop captivating, shareable videos that convey your values and strike an emotional chord with your audience.

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Do you have a story to tell? Let’s chat about the best way to tell it.

Promotional videos

Break through the noise. Deliver a message that has an impact on peoples’ behaviour by pairing the right idea with brilliant production.

Event videos

A lasting memento of your hard work. We create event videos that allow you to continue capitalising off its success.

eLearning & training videos

Staff training needn’t be dull and expensive. Deliver best practice training every time by capturing it on video.

Animation & stop motion

From training modules to explainers, promotions to advertising, animation is often the perfect medium for telling your story.

Corporate videos

Let us help you produce corporate videos that deliver the right message and enhance your organisation's internal brand.


Great commercials start conversations. We can help ensure that yours is worth talking about by beginning with the right idea.

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